Does anyone even notice?

Western society is doomed. It’s long slow decline has in recent years picked up speed and has become most evident during the financial crisis that started in late 2008. Many socialists have laid the blame at the feet of “evil capitalism,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Capitalism is not the culprit, consumerism is; the need to have more, to want more, to need more.

What has this consumerism wrought? A nation of narcissists! We have become obsessed with personal happiness and have bought into the notion that happiness is in things we can buy. The search for more has created a people bent on acquisition without a thought to the amount of debt that is overwhelming them or the personal cost that comes from it. ‘Hey, if the government can do it why can’t I?’ We’ve all been shaped in some form or another by a big brother.

We have become a people that cannot delay the gratification we desire; desires that have us spending and behaving irrationally. We are narcissists through and through; but what do we care?!


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